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Archive for March, 2008

McGruff the Crime Dog

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Saltzer Medical Group and the Nampa Police Department unveiled Mobile McGruff yesterday at the Nampa Chamber of Commerce luncheon. Saltzer sponsored the crime fighting pooch, and we are so proud to have made this contributionn to the Nampa police. If you’ve never seen a mobile McGruff, he is quite a treat. He drives a car, plays music, moves his head, blinks his eyes and talks. And, as city coucil woman, Pam White, discovered, he also shoots water at all those in his way. Dr. Tom Patterson, who is the chair of our Business Development Committee made the presentation to Chief of Police Bill Augsburger. A few kids showed up to meet McGruff, and enjoyed their visit. One was mine, and she had a great time. I am sure if you are at any community events in Nampa this year you will be seeing McGruff, so if you get a chance, say hello to the newest Nampa cop, but stay out of his way, or you might get drenched like Pam!

Diverse Unification

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

I’ve been working here for a few years now, and in so doing, have gotten to know some of the great minds that work here. One of the things that I have grown to love about this clinic is the diversity of passions in practice – from conservative medicine, to the progressive introduction of alternative medicines; from the involvement in cutting edge research, to the determined involvement in building a better community. Different physicians are different people, and Saltzer Medical Group gives a platform for each of these unique minds to practice medicine in a way that expresses that identity.

Where the true beauty of all this diversity lies is the unified mission of these physicians and their staff: to serve our patients in a manner worthy of their trust.

So what does that mean for you (and me)? It means you can find a physician who will compliment you own philosophy of medicine, who has the knowledge and ability to expand your own horizons, and you can trust that their decisions are dictated by the passion to provide the most comprehensive and excellent medical care available.

I know, I know, I work here. How can I be trusted? I see Dr. Dee in Internal Medicine. My baby was delivered by Dr. John Kaiser, who provided exemplary care for my wife during the pregnancy. My son’s pediatrician, Dr. Jeannette Marvasti, was on hand from the get-go to provide support, care and treatment for us as a family. Post-partum, Sarah (my wife) required surgery to remove her gallbladder. Whilst the stones were small, her Primary Care Physician, Dr. Elaine Davidson recommended a surgical consult and Dr. Steven Williams performed that surgery yesterday at Mercy Ambucare. I trust these doctors not just with my self, but with my most precious gift – my family. That’s how I feel confident in expressing my trust in these men and women who are dedicated to health care in our community.

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