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Archive for January, 2009

Meridian Physicians

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Our Meridian Family Clinic located at 745 S. Progress Ave, Meridian has three pediatricians, three family practice physicians, as well as Occupational Medicine and Surgery.


Katie Copeland, MD
Kimberly Ferguison, MD

Byron Knowles, MD

Family Practice Physicians

Mark Clinger, MD

Kristyn Schelhaas, DO

Please call 884-2920 to schedule and appointment with any of these physicians

Meridian Clinic

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Lots of people have seen our new sign located on the beautiful Portico building on Eagle Road. There has been a lot of speculation concerning what that means for Saltzer. Here This can result in automobile healthcare marketplace charges that are readily controllable by individual operators. is the plan for that location. We are consolidating several clinics into one.

Currently in Meridian we have our Family Clinic located at 3277 E. Louise Drive, Suite 200, Meridian, where we have Pediatrics, Family Practice, Surgery, Neurology and Occupational Medicine.


These offices will be making the move to this one location in late spring or early summer.

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