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Archive for April, 2013

Dr. Papiez – You will be missed! Enjoy your retirement!

Monday, April 29th, 2013

Dr. Papiez and Amber

Ideal Protein – Does it Work?

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Saltzer Medical Group has been offering the Ideal Protein Program for just over 15 months. The most common question we hear is, “does it work?” We have had over 250 patients do the Ideal Protein Program who have, combined, lost over 7,000 pounds and many inches. We hear stories of people coming off their diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, reflux medications, etc. So does it work? I’d say that results like that speak for themselves.

Ideal Protein – Ketosis

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

When I first started the Ideal Protein Diet, the doctor instructed me that for the first week or so my body would be going into a state called “ketosis.” Ketosis is where your body stops using the glucose it typically uses for fuel, and instead burns and uses fats. I wondered how I would feel when I was in ketosis and thought I’d share how it felt with you.
The first day or so wasn’t bad and to be honest I didn’t struggle or notice much of a difference. Then on day 3, I started getting mild headaches, felt much more tired more than usual, and was slower to think and process. I was as tired as when I had the flu! I was instructed by my ideal protein coach to increase my sea salt, push fluids and take Tylenol if I needed to. After about a week, my body was finally in ketosis and I was no longer exhausted and felt that I had more energy than I’d had in a long time. I was finally able to keep up with my two busy toddlers. And suddenly, I was no longer hungry which was great! Ketosis is a natural appetite suppressant – this made sticking to the program much easier. Getting to ketosis was hard, but once I got there I was glad for it.

Protect Your Baby From Whooping Cough

Monday, April 1st, 2013

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