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Statement by Dr. John Kaiser on Saltzer Medical Group’s Return to Private Practice


Saltzer Medical Group has a 50-year tradition of caring for patients in the communities we serve and our work continues to be guided by two major objectives.


First, we are absolutely committed to our patients, their health and medical care.


Second, we are determined to maintain Saltzer as a strong, vital and economically viable health care organization that will continue to serve our patients and the community. Our physicians and employees are our greatest assets and they will be involved in all our plans and actions.


Saltzer has been working on its divestiture plan for over a year. We believe that our plan is the right plan for Saltzer and the communities we serve. We are optimistic the federal court will support our plan as we move forward. Our plan focuses on our strengths as an organization and we believe it positions us for future success in the marketplace.




Natalie Podgorski

Gallatin Public Affairs


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