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Andrea DiMichele, MD – OB/GYN

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

Andrea DiMichele, MD

Dr. DiMichele, OB/GYN sees patients at:

215 E. Hawaii Ave, Nampa


3277 E. Louise Drive, Suite 200, Meridian

To schedule an appointment call:  463-3138

Healthcare Delivery Needs Changing

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

John Kaiser, MD

Saltzer Medical Group has a long history of providing the best care possible for our patients. Dr. Joseph Saltzer started the group more than 50 years ago with the goal of bringing much-needed care to the residents of Canyon County, offering primary and specialty care and forging strong and lasting relationships with our friends, colleagues, and patients.
Our decision to seek an alignment strategy with St. Luke’s came out of the recognition that a close affiliation was the best way to achieve the changes we thought were necessary to address the future. The model of healthcare delivery we were engaged in has been fragmented and focused on the fee-for-service model of care that Judge B. Lynn Winmill, in his recent ruling, cited as being “the leading factor in increasing health care costs.” St. Luke’s has made significant strides in developing a model for the future to achieve the goals of better health, better care, and lower cost.
With the alignment, we started working with St. Luke’s on adopting this model. We believe health care must change. The movement across the entire country has been to find ways to improve care and reduce cost and is part of the law implemented through the Affordable Care Act.
In his written decision, Judge Winmill said that “St. Luke’s is to be applauded for its efforts to improve the delivery of health care in the Treasure Valley,” and that “The Acquisition was intended by St. Luke’s and Saltzer primarily to improve patient outcomes. The Court is convinced that it would have that effect if left intact.”
Judge Winmill also stated that changes in healthcare delivery must occur; we agree, and felt this was the best way to achieve these needed changes in our community.
Unfortunately, the decision will delay or possibly prevent us from being at the forefront of improving health care for our beloved patients in the Treasure Valley. Saltzer has always been dedicated to caring for our patients’ health and we have prided ourselves in placing our patients first. We have never been afraid of taking risks to provide that care.
We hope we can overcome this decision by the court and be a part of the changes we feel are necessary for the future, but we are concerned that the decision, if upheld in the appeals process, will require us to focus back on the fee-for-service business and will prevent us from continuing the expanded care we have been able to provide for the underinsured patient population with St. Luke’s support. This is unfortunate, because caring for patients in the lower-cost office environment is significantly better than seeing these patients in the expensive emergency room setting where they otherwise wind up.

Every member of our team wishes to thank all of our patients who allow us the privilege of providing care for them, and every member of their families. We pledge to continue to seek ways to provide the best care we can. Our hope is that our efforts to continually improve that care will be recognized by the courts and government agencies as we move forward.

Dr. Kaiser is the President of Saltzer Medical Group

Evening Hours in Meridian

Monday, January 20th, 2014

Dr. Steven Dahlke  has a full clinic Monday evenings until 7:00 PM To schedule an appointment with Dr. Dahlke,  call 884-2920.

Saltzer Medical Group ian is located at 3277 E. Louise Drive, Suite 200, Meridian (Next to St. Luke’s Meridian)

Ideal Protein Seminar Information

Monday, January 13th, 2014

 Upcoming Ideal Protein seminar information.  All seminars are from 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Tuesday, November 18- Nampa – 215 E. Hawaii Ave, Nampa

Tuesday, December 2 – Portico – 3277 E. Louise Drive, Suite 200, Meridian

Tuesday, December 16 – Nampa – 215 E. Hawaii Ave, Nampa

Tuesday, January 6 – Nampa – 215 E. Hawaii Ave, Nampa

Tuesday,  January 13 – Portico – 3277 E. Louise Drive, Suite 200, Meridian

Tuesday, January 27 – Nampa – 215 E. Hawaii Ave, Nampa

To RSVP, or for further information call 463-3062 or email

Ideal Protein – Holidays

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Here Comes the Holidays!
With the upcoming holidays, all the treats and traditional holiday themed foods are starting to come out on store shelves, and restaurants’ and coffee shops are starting with their fall themed specialties. With all these temptations, what is an Ideal Protein dieter to do?
First, we would encourage you to talk with your coach. Don’t cheat and don’t give in to these cravings. They will help you come up with strategies to help curb your hunger.
Second, avoid places and situations where you know you will be tempted. I personally love the Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte, but these are NOT sugar free nor fat free and are not permitted in Phase 1-3 of the Ideal Protein Diet and in Maintenance would be ok on a “cheat” day only. I have to avoid the coffee shops during this time of the year to avoid being tempted.
Empower friends, co-workers, family to help hold you accountable. In addition to your coach, there are resources all around you. Letting your support group know what your struggles are will help them look at for those situations and foods that may come up and tempt you, so they can help you avoid them and encourage you.
You can do this! Cravings can be overcome with proper planning and motivation!

For more information on Ideal Protein go to

Ideal Protein – Shelley’s Journey

Monday, August 19th, 2013

My health profile is filled out and I am ready for my appointment today with the Ideal Protein doctor, to be followed with my appointment with my coach. I am nervous but excited all at the same time.  I saw the doctor and she went over my health profile with me. I am diabetic, have high blood pressure and an acid stomach. She said all of this will change for me as I lose the weight… I sure hope so.  Off to the lab to have blood drawn (vampires hahaha) Then, on my way to meet the coach. Just checked in at the IP desk and my coach is ready to see me.  I hope she is nice and won’t think I am awful since I am so heavy. Oh my gosh I’m nervous!  Here we go I will write more later….

For more information on Ideal Protein visit

Ideal Protein – Shelley’s Journey

Monday, August 12th, 2013

My name is Shelley. I am a 45 years old and weigh 370 pounds. I saw a flyer at my doctor’s office about the Ideal Protein Diet so I called to see what it was all about. The coach that I spoke with gave me information about an Ideal Protein Seminar that was coming up so I signed up to go see if this is something I could do. At this point in my life I am afraid and not sure what to do about my weight but I need to do something. The seminar lasted about an hour with really good information that makes sense and seems to be safe. So I scheduled my appointments to get started. I am so excited I really hope this will help me.

Ideal Protein – What Are Those Packets?

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

When I had my first initial consultation with Ideal Protein, my coach handed me this bag full of packets that reminded me of the one’s you’d see them pack with astronauts. I won’t lie to you, when I saw these packets I was certain that what was contained in these small metallic bags wouldn’t satisfy my hunger, but I was hopeful I was wrong.
What I found was that these packets weren’t unsatisfying at all. All kinds of yummy creations made by Ideal Protein, were available to me. From puddings, soups, chocolate pancakes, crepes, drinks, smoothies, bars, soy puffs, etc—the world was my oyster. I am a busy working mom with two preschoolers, so I found that being able to grab these packets and go was very helpful for my lifestyle. If there was a busy day at work, I could easily take a pre-made smoothie.
The packets make this diet very easy, and as busy as I am, I know I appreciate one less thing I have to worry about!

Steven Dahlke, MD

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Saltzer Medical Group would like to welcome Steven Dahlke, MD.

Dr. Dahlke is a pediatrician and has practiced in the Treasure Valley for 14 years. He is looking forward to continuing to serve his established patients.

His office location will be 3277 E. Louise Drive, Suite 200, Meridian.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Dahlke please call 884-2910.

Ideal Protein

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

Are you considering losing weight as a new years resolution? Let Ideal Protein help. Many Saltzer employees have had phenomenal weight loss success with this program. Come find out why.

All events are from 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM

Tuesday, May 21st – 3277 E. Louise Drive, Suite 200, Meridian
Tuesday, June 4th – 215 E. Hawaii Ave, Nampa
Tuesday, June 11th – 7272 Potomac Drive, Boise
Tuesday, June 18th – 3277 E. Louise Drive, Suite 200, Meridian

Get great information on the program and try the delicious food choices. To ask questions or to RSVP call 463-3062

Check out Dr. Davidson”s Ideal Protein segment on KTVB

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