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Medical Innovation Through Research

Over 90 Studies Since 2000

Better Doctors. Better Care. Better Research.

Having dedicated Doctors, Physicians, Research Personnel, and most importantly our volunteer patients, that made us a top research hub in treasure valley for the past 20 years.

Dr Aguilar
Clinical Research, Pediatrics
Elaine Davidson, M.D.
Clinical Research, Family Practice
Kenneth Hainsworth, M.D.
Clinical Research, Eye Care
John Kaiser, M.D.
Clinical Research, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Ryan McKinnon, M.D.
Clinical Research, Eye Care
Mark Rasmus, M.D.
Clinical Research, Sleep Disorders
J. Michael Sadaj, M.D.
Clinical Research, Pulmonology, Sleep Disorders
Stanley Stringam, M.D.
Clinical Research, Internal Medicine

A True Devotion to Research

Adult research

Adult Research

Participating in clinical trials in a variety of clinical areas allows our providers to be more equipped with current, cutting-edge medicines, and procedures to improve our patient’s quality of life.


Pediatric Research

Talk about research, pediatrics and misc. services in regards to vaccines, newborn studies, and misc. info.


Qualified Clinical Research Coordinators

Quality service, certified coordinators to uphold the utmost standards in research studies and patient care.


Multi-Specialty Clinics + Quick Care

Our multi-specialty clinics and quick care offices allow us to provide individualized care to patients and maintain a large database with a wide variety.


Sleep studies

A premier facility for the study and treatment of sleep disorders.


Labs & X-Ray

Our clinic is equipment with on-site lab, X-ray, EKG and other study related equipment that makes it convenient for our patients to have the ‘all in one place’ study related services.

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